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Reliable communications in hard-to-reach locations

Radio communications is an important part of many business-critical communications solutions, i.e. systems that are crucial for saving lives, increasing employee safety and/or business success. AddSecure Radio Communications is especially designed for customers who need secure, reliable communications in hard-to-reach locations.

Radio communications and cellular indoor coverage

Our radio communications solutions give you high quality and reliable communications in hard-to-reach outdoor places as well as in tunnels, garages and well insulated buildings. The solutions are especially designed for areas where radio coverage does not normally work. This makes it possible to deliver features with 3G/4G and other radio coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

We cover needs in both cellular telephony; GSM, UMTS, LTE and in radio communications; PMR, DMR, TETRA (RAKEL).

Our experience saves lives

We have extensive experience and broad expertise in radio communications. For a long time, we have been working with several large industries and companies for different types of communications solutions. We carry out both planning and installation as well as commissioning. Projects we have been involved in include Turning Torso in Malmö, ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund and the construction of the Halland tunnel, as well as the delivery of radio networks to Södra Cell, Stora Enso and Kemira Kemi. We also have a number of rescue services as customers and are responsible for the entire radio and telecommunications contract and for the service to these units. We also offer on-call service agreements.

Our radio communications solutions are used by:

• Rescue services
• Large industries and companies
• Construction projects

Safety in focus

Safety is of course of utmost importance in our solutions, as human lives can be at stake. We therefore have structured tests that are carried out when commissioning systems. We also offer backup alarms if the primary system stops working and agreements on preventive checks. After installation, we also have the option of using BLIS Control to automatically check alarm dispatch, to ensure that it is working.

Why is cellular coverage needed indoors?

In today’s society, we expect to always be reachable over the phone and the internet – and when it comes to critical situations, communications just have to work – at the same time, many properties today are so well-insulated that they do not let in cellular signals, and there are also buildings located in secluded locations with forests and hills that prevent radio waves from getting through .

With our solutions for cellular coverage indoors, communications always get through.

A complete system for critical communications for emergency services and industry.


Easy installation

1. We start by measuring the reception conditions inside and outside your property.
2. We recommend and agree with you on which solution to install. We can also help with the permit application needed to install the system.
3. We identify the nearest base station and install a directional antenna towards it.
4. The signal is then drawn further into the property to a repeater, set up for your operator.
5. An indoor antenna is installed for the signal to be transmitted to your cellular devices.
6. When the power is turned on, just start communicating!

Reduces radiation

With our solution, the cellphone will be able to transmit with much lower transmission power and thus also reduce radiation through the body. In addition, lower transmission power results in lower power consumption, which extends the cellphone’s operating time.

Larger installations

If you want to cover a larger area, e.g. a factory premises, multiple offices, or multi-family homes, multiple indoor antennas may be required. In such cases we carry out more extensive measurements to see how many antennas are needed. Depending on how the house is built, an indoor antenna covers up to 200 m2.

New construction or renovation

In order for the installation to be as discreet as possible, it is always best to consider the situation in advance. Think about cellular coverage at an early stage and plan your installation even before you start building or renovating.